Three Methods to Use Essential Oils

Essential oils have 100s of uses listed below are just a few to get you started.

Method: BATH

Amount: Up to 8 drops

Run the bath as usual, then add the drops of essential oil and swish the water around. Keep the bathroom door closed to keep the aroma in the room. Essential oils can be used in their concentrated form or diluted in a small amount of vegetable oil, milk, or milk powder. Diluted essential oils used in the bath are gentler to sensitive skin.


Amount: 1 or 2 drops

Most essential oils will leave a mark on clothes so only use this method if absolutely necessary, and on clothes you are prepared to see damaged. This is useful when in areas where there are many insects, especially midges and mosquitoes. Put the essential oil on socks or shoes, on the bottom of shorts or trouser legs, or on the collar, sleeves, or cuff of shirts, etc. To keep insects away from your head, wear a hair band or scarf and apply the oil there.

It's also useful for students who want to inhale a concentration-enhancing aroma when they're taking an exam to put it on the edge of the cuff and pretend to be rubbing an itchy nose!


Amount 3 to 5 drops

There are two methods that can be used with compresses. Always use 100% natural material, unbleached if possible. Compresses can be used hot or cold.

  1. Place the essential oil in half a cup of water, dampen the compress in the cup, and place over the problematic area.
  2. Wet the compress, and then apply the essential oil to the wet material.