Lemongrass Essential Oil - Pure & Plant Based

Lemongrass Essential Oil - Pure & Plant Based

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Lemongrass essential oil helps relieve pain in muscles and joints, as well as toothaches and headaches resulting from viral infections like coughs, colds, influenza, fevers, and various poxes. It also helps reduce general body pain resulting from strenuous activities and athletics. 

Lemongrass Oil, a pale yellow to yellow oil, with a characteristic, sweet, intense, lemon-like, fresh aroma. Lemongrass oil is used widely as an aromatic ingredient and as a raw material for manufacturing isolates, ionones and other aromatic products. This organic lemongrass oil is derived from the East India species Cymbopogon flexuosus.

Due to fluctuations of environmental conditions in the areas of cultivation, color variances may occur.

BOTANICAL NAME Cymbopogon flexuosus
SOURCED FROM India, Sri Lanka